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10 x Wroclaw in pictures

It felt like a century ago that we did something together and it started to itch. We wanted to get out and only had two requirements: less than three hours away from Berlin and somewhere with good food (and drinks). At a regular Saturday we decided we would go somewhere and the Friday after we took our rental car and drove to Wroclaw.

Wroclaw was the perfect combination of our two requirements and, if we had to believe everything online, would be a great getaway for 2 or 3 days just walking around, having some beers (and vodkas) and good food. Everything we wanted!

And that it was. The streets were filled with gnomes, houses were as colourful as I expect Curacao to be, the wind was cold and the vodka made us warm. Polish food seemed to be even better than I thought it would be and the combination of old and new made the city one I really loved to visit.

I’ll come back once to tell the stories, about that time that we were locked in a courtyard behind a big iron gate, about the alley with only big, old neon-signs and our first night in a Polish restaurant with real Polish festivities. But first the pictures.

Have you ever been to Poland?

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    1. Aah Marlous, super lief <3 Ik probeer mezelf aan te leren steeds meer vanuit een foto-blik steden te bekijken, fijn dat het blijkbaar z'n vruchten afwerpt!

    1. Oh doen hoor, het is zó fotogeniek! Onderweg ook de meest prachtige plaatsen gezien, geweldig als je rustig de tijd hebt om te stoppen en een beetje op ontdekkingsreis te gaan. Zo’n roadtrip lijkt me ook wel heel cool!

  1. Wat tof dit! En lekker spontaan ook. Ik wil ook nog eens een keer naar Polen gaan. Heb begrepen dat het eten daar enorm goedkoop is? Klinkt perfect voor mij, haha. En helemaal met van die mooie (kleurrijke) huisjes! Ben benieuwd naar meer :D

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