In a couple of months it’s finally time for us to travel to Thailand. Finally! We’ve been talking about it for more than a year but it was sidetracked by our move to Berlin, so you can only imagine how happy I am that we’re finally going.

But because it takes more than 8 months before we really go, I’m looking forward going on a small trip in the beginning of summer. Somewhere with sun, culture and good food. But of course I can’t choose between the options!

Via Liselore -

Via Liselore –

1. Malta

Malta is one of the places I never thought about visiting, until I started to read more about it. Especially the 12x Malta-list (in Dutch) from Liselore made me really enthusiastic! Can I please go already?

Via Lizet -

Via Lizet –

2. Lisbon

Oh Lisbon. San Francisco is my long lost love but Lisbon is, so I believe, the European equivalent from this amazing city. And ever since I read Lizet’s love letter to Lisbon, I want to go. No doubt. But isn’t it more relaxed to go somewhere with a beach for this week away so I don’t have the constant feeling that I’m missing something when I’m not in a sight-seeing mood?


3. Santorini

Look at the picture. More words are nog needed right?

4. Corfu

I have a weak spot for Greece and besides Santorini I also want to visit Corfu really bad. This island is supposed to be a lot cheaper than the fabulous Santorini and a lot bigger with more different towns worth a trip. But because of all the greens and the amazing beaches it’s a great place to spend a couple of days.

Hamburg - Blackbirds&Blossom

5. Hamburg

No beach and no sunny summer destination but I’d love to go to Hamburg again!

Via Laura -

Via Laura –

6. Tenerife

I never would’ve thought I’d add Tenerife to my wishlist but Laura convinced me.

Via Laura -

Via Laura –

7. Athens

Again Greece, and again fueled by Laura. After she arrived in Athens I got a message “You’re gonna love it here!” and with everything she send me after, I can only agree!


As you see, there are too many options and I want every one of them.
Does anyone have the decisive factor?