Maybe you’ve seen some updates on Facebook or Twitter, but it was time for a change: EvainBerlin is now officially Blackbirds & Blossom! Yay! Party!

I noticed more and more that I couldn’t write about everything I wanted on my old blog. I really wanted to add more posts about personal growth, more recipes and all other things nice. Subjects that didn’t seem to match but now they find their place on Blackbirds & Blossom.

It’s quite exciting though.. At the moment of going live it’s 2:30 AM and I’m just finishing the last tweaks, nervous about everything that I might have missed. But we’ll see.
In case you come across anything strange, just let me know :)

And stay tuned, via Facebook, Twitter or Bloglovin’, because the list with to-be published posts is growing and growing!



ps. Leef je liever in het Nederlands? In de sidebar kan je de taal instellen!