We finally get to visit Cologne in a few weeks. The last couple of days I’ve been busy collecting and researching the best things to do in Cologne, and hereby my must-do’s.


Bastian’s is supposed to be thé breakfastbar in Cologne. And as usual our hotel doesn’t come with breakfast, it’s way nicer to have something to eat in the city right? Looking for the best breakfastbars I came across Bastian’s and I can’t wait to try out the amazing breakfast served. A real must for a Saturday morning!


Belgisches Viertel

Belgisches Viertel is an area in Cologne west of the city centre. The long streets host special concept-stores, restaurants and bars. Anouk already wrote about the Le Fou, Liebelings-Sachen and Groove Attack Records, and I also really want to visit Boutique Belgique.

Especially during summer time the Belgisches Viertel is supposed to be the place to be. The Brüsseler Platz transforms in a busy festive square.


I always thought Cologne wouldn’t be more than the Dom but damn I was wrong! There is more to do and see than just the Dom and her view. Like: the HohenzollernbrückeGross Sint Martin (a church in the middle of Altstad, you can’t miss it), Triangeltower (an amazing view on 103,2 meter high), Ehrenfeld (a district with a lot of art and vintage shopsen). And of course you can’t forget the  EL-DE-Haus. This museum is established in an old Gestapo-prison. People were being questioned and tortured in the cellars and it feels haunted walking around.



Burgers from Hans im Glück have been recommended to me more than once and just looking at them makes my tummy rumble.


And after dinner it’s of course time for German beers! Especially in Altstad and Belgisches Viertel you can find a lot of small cafes and cocktailbars to spend the night.

I think we will definitely enjoy ourselves!

If you need any more tips, just have a look at my other posts and you’ll be sure to find them.