You always are
There isn’t a spectrum you can measure yourself against. It isn’t like if you feel like a five instead of a ten you aren’t worth your time spending it with friends. They love you when you’re a five. When your a one. Don’t keep waiting until like you feel like your best self to start doing stuff, you are always the best version of yourself as it is possible on that moment. Your friends, your family, your loved ones they don’t see the scale you measure yourself against. They only see that amazing human being they want to spent time with.

And trust me. I’ve.been.there.
I’ve skipped on several dates with friends, dates on which I could have fun, to stay at home because I wasn’t feeling my best self. Well guess the fuck what?! No-one cares! They love you for the person that you are and that includes the times that you might not feel so great. And please don’t feel like you’re waisting their time, you are not!
Of course you should never forget to listen to yourself. Don’t feel up to it? Skip it for a day and see what tomorrow brings. But don’t let your own mind and your own restrictions and expectations keep you down. Because, let’s be honest, aren’t we all amazing even on those days that we only feel like a one?