Before our families came over for Christmas we took the bus to Hamburg. A city that’s been on my travelwishlist for a long time and is still – or better said, again – on it.

Being a new Berliner you would say that I’m convinced Berlin is thé German city you have to visit… but nothing is less true. Although I’m still in love with the city and am enjoying it as a happy child, I can fall in love over and over again with new, different cities. And one of those is Hamburg.

Visit Hamburg - Blackbirds and Blossom - 01

Visit Hamburg - Blackbirds and Blossom - 02

25 hours

During our visit to Hamburg we’ve slept in the 25 Hours Hotel located in the harbour-area. As opposed to Berlin Hamburg has two establishments from the hotel, one in the west and one in the harbour. Because of my weakness for the water and the strong winds blowing in harbours and at sea, my choice was easily made.

The 25 Hours Hotels are well known for their good bars, restaurants and perfect setting. And the establishment in Hamburg isn’t anything different. The bar on the ground floor is intimate and on a Friday night the location for a live music act, they serve great cocktails and food. If the city wouldn’t be half as much fun as it is, you could easily spend an entire weekend in the hotel.

Visit Hamburg - Blackbirds and Blossom - 03

Visit Hamburg - Blackbirds and Blossom - 02

Little sister

You can look at Hamburg as a smaller version of Berlin. The city is big but very cosy, looks a bit like Berlin with it’s huge allee’s but also has more cute alleys where you can stroll through and lose track of time. The different neighborhoods offer something for each and everyone and the rugged, raw Berlin is also present in Hamburg.

The Schanzenviertel is without a doubt one of the nicest areas in the city and from there you can easily reach the surrounding neighborhoods as St. Pauli, Karolinenviertel and Altona. A good walking tour to get to know the versatility of the city.

Versatile is the least you can call Hamburg. You can shop like a shopaholic (I will feature a new post including a shopping route soon), you can party like the nights don’t end and immerse yourself in the alternative music scene. And I’m not even talking about the special alleys with each their own story, the cool harbour, the amount of museums you can visit during rainy Sundays and all their flea markets. Berlin, I think I’m cheating on you.. with Hamburg, I’m sorry!

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