Welcome to a new category on Blackbirds&Blossom: Vintage Friday! Living in the vintage capital of Europe (I’m allowed to call Berlin that, right?) has it’s advantages, I can visit several vintage markets each Sunday or wander through the enormous amounts of cute second hand stores that sell the most beautiful furniture and living accessories you could ever imagine.

Vintage Friday will be my place to let you get acquainted with my vintage finds. Enjoy!



This Marquee Letter is something special to me. I believe we were on a trip outside Berlin when I saw a girl post a message on the Facebook-group ‘Sell your stuff Berlin’, immediately I fell in love and I just hád to have one of these letters. I hoped my boyfriend would back me up in my enthusiasm but he didn’t and I started to doubt. For too long because when I finally wrote her, all the letters were gone.

Thank heavens she wrote me again a couple of days later: someone didn’t show and the U-sign was still available.
A little while later I took the U-bahn to her home and heard the story about how the letters were used as an sign on top of their building. What it exactly used to read wasn’t clear, there were a lot of letters missing, but they all still had the emissions from the passing cars in their pits.

Taking the U back to my home was quite an adventure. It was way bigger than I thought and I had do perform some acrobatic turns so I wouldn’t break it. Back at home I polished it once more and added a LED-strip behind the neon tubes, and now it serves as one of my favourite lamps.