Welcome to a new category on Blackbirds&Blossom: Vintage Friday! Living in the vintage capital of Europe (I’m allowed to call Berlin that, right?) has it’s advantages, I can visit several vintage markets each Sunday or wander through the enormous amounts of cute second hand stores that sell the most beautiful furniture and living accessories you could ever imagine.

Vintage Friday will be my place to let you get acquainted with my vintage finds. Enjoy!


I’m a big big big fan of yellow. Really, I can’t get enough of it, and that shows. All through our house you see more and more yellow details, think about plant pots, vases, pillowcases oh and I’m not even getting started about nail polish and my yellow bullet-journal!

After we re-did our furniture (I mean, it was arranged the same way for almost nine months, time for a change, right? ;) ) we had a little bit of a lightning problem. Well, if I have to believe Joppe we always have a problem with the lightning. Tell me, is it just me or are men always fixated about having rooms as bright as possible? I can only think about one exception that wouldn’t want to hang his whole house with fluorescent beams.

But well, okay, back to the yellow lamp! We have an app here, Kleinanzeigen, and I could for example easily sell our old furniture, clothes or whatever I would want on there. It’s one of the apps I always, always use to find new vintage gems. And this yellow lamp is also one of my Kleinanzeigen-babies. We had to go to a strange, strange cellar somewhere close to Mitte but when we got there I just had to have this beauty. We also took another big lightning piece for our bedroom with us, but I’ll show that in one of my other Vintage Fridays.




Are you also a big fan of vintage home deco?