Shortly after Scot joined our home, we found out that he was a big fan of the wind. The Sundays we spent at Tempelhof were his favourite, with his nose high up in the air and his ears flapping in the wind (like the dog in the Neverending Story), he ran around for hours. That was actually all we needed, to decide that we’d take him to the beach. And when you’re living in Berlin, the beach almost equals the island Rügen.

Everyone needs to know that a weekend at sea isn’t only reserved for warm summer days. Wintery days are almost as nice to spend at the beach. The wind blows away all your thoughts, the hot chocolate tastes even better after a long, cold walk and you don’t need to walk between the hundreds of tourists.


Rügen is an island in the north of Germany, located in the Ostzee. From Berlin it’s about a 3,5 hour drive to Sellin, one of the biggest towns on the island (to be honest: it’s still a small village). Rügen is mostly known for its impressive chalk cliffs in the north-east and Prora, the big complex made in commission by Hitler. Both sights are impressive in their own way and are really worth visiting Rügen for.

Travelling with a dog

For us, cheesy as it might seem, the weekend was mostly impressive because it was our first trip with Scot. At the beginning it was still a little strange, halfway there we stopped at a gas-station to see if he was really in the car, he was so quiet we didn’t even notice him! And concerning his stuf, we took better safe than sorry very literally and took everything with us we could, not only waaay too much food but also a crazy amount of blankets and toys. Which of course were of no interest to him, the beach was all that mattered!

Een weekend op het Duitse eiland Rugen