As you could read earlier, we’ve been planning to go to Cologne for quite a while. When we finally arrived, I had so much on my to-do list that I had no idea where to start. What an amazing city! I’ll share my favourite travel tips for Cologne with you.


The Dom

Of course you really can’t miss the Dom when you’re visiting Cologne. This beautiful cathedral is close to the station and it impossible to ignore. You wouldn’t want that either because it’s beautiful inside and out. For a couple of euros you can get in and make the climb to the top. It gives you the best view of the city ever.



Romance alert! When you go to Cologne by train, there’s a big chance that you’ve crossed the Hohenzollernbrücke. This is the love locks bridge. Paris has one but the one in Cologne isn’t worth any less. Walk passed the Dom and straight through to the river. You’ll see it right away.

Triangle tower

Cross the Hohenzollernbrücke and walk towards the big triangular tower. Of course you can climb the Dom and see the view of the city but for 3euro you can get up the Triangle Tower and have the view including the Dom!


EL-DE haus

Have you had the tour from the Dom to the bridge and the viewpoint? You can cross the river again and go towards the Fischmarkt (super cute with all the old, colourful buildings) or go through the city center towards the EL-DE Haus. This museum is located in Altstadt-Nord and was an old prison from the Gestapo. It’s impressive and still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

Belgisches Viertel

The district Belgisches Viertel is amazing! It’s a small non-touristy district with nice cool cafes, shops and coffee bars. We walked around here and I immediately felt quite at home. Perfect small squares with around each corner new places to have a beer and enjoy your weekend in Cologne.