Did you know that you can find the most amazing street art in Sofia? Of course there is the necessary amount in the city centre but in the north-east, a little outside the main centre, you’ll find the real masterpieces.

The quarter Hazdhi Dimitar exists mostly of sad, grey high rises and was, because of that, chosen as location for the Urban Creature Festival in 2011. During this festival a lot of these high rises were transformed into blank canvases and international and local artists were asked to display their art.

In case you’ll visit Sofia, be sure to download this map of Urban Creatures to locate the exact spots of the street art in Hazdhi Dimitar. The area is in walking distance from the main centre but there are a lot of busses going that direction.

And yes, there is new art added yearly. The Urban Creatures Festival is organised every year and every year new talented artists are painting their masterpieces.

Street art in Sofia

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Street art in Sofia travel

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