The was a time I didn’t do anything else besides reading. My sister was the creative one with her painting and sculptures. Her room was filled with artsy materials while mine was covered in books and notebooks, but that’s changed!

Slowly I started falling in love with DIY and that got a big boost when I worked at DaWanda. To be a part of different DIY-photoshoots and projects, made me more creative than I ever was. I followed a sewing course, bought a sewing machine and different arts and crafts materials and started to make my own jewellery and DIY-projects during free days.

Sam & Suzy

After I quit at DaWanda, I decided to spend more time on DIY. I walked around for a long while to start creating my own shop with cards and necklaces I wanted to sell.

And right now I often get a new message that I’ve sold new cards via my DaWanda-shop Sam & Suzy.
It’s still so crazy to think that people are buying what I make and it really makes them happy! It’s a big hobby and it’s so nice to see people enjoy it.




Okay okay it’s quite nice to tell you about my creative history but the reason of this post is actually a giveaway!

Want to join? Just let me know below what your favourite cards are from my shop and answer this question: in which movie are Sam and Suzy the main characters?