It started with a crazy plan and ended up with a webshop on In the meantime I have real plans to start my own café and am super busy at nights to work on my freelance assignments. I think it’s about time to post a traditional update, right?

The dream

I still can remember all those Saturday afternoons that my mum and I walked through our old city. We dreamed about opening our own cafe at every closed building we saw. About the things we would sell and the cakes we wanted to bake.

When I met Joppe the café changed into a bar and even into a beergarten when we moved to Berlin. As you might know that still hasn’t happened, yet.

Yet… After I heard that my current job would end, I just had the plans to start with my freelance online marketing business and bake some pies on the side to sell them via my webshop.

Baking all those pies made me long for my own place. The dream was back alive. And this time I decided not to be scared by my own doubts. There are of course a lót of things that need to happen and I still have to get used to the German way of doing business but I’m sure that I’ll figure everything out. I have no idea what the end result of my dream and plans might be but who knows.. maybe it’s just a matter of time before I have my own cafe in Berlin!

Other updates

• But that’s not all… That webshop that made it possible for me to sell my pies? I’m also selling my cards and macrame plant hangers made by my mum :)

• A couple of weeks ago I was asked to be featured in the Dutch magazine Foodies as one of the ten ‘Food & Lifestyle Bloggers to keep an eye on’! So so cool!

• I told before that I had a really cool freelance job, and now is a good a time as any to tell you what it exactly is. Well.. Since a couple of weeks I’ve been helping out the Dutch content team for Secret Escapes!

• And to make the whole story complete: also the web-assignments are on fire. I even have the luxury of having to say ‘no’ to some requests because I’m too busy.. I never-ever-ever could have dreamt about things going so smoothly!

Now it’s up to you

How are you?
Will I see you once when I open my own bar? ;)