People sometimes ask me what it feels like to live in Berlin. Are there cons next to all the pro’s that I talk about so often? Honestly, there’s nothing negative about living in Berlin, about living abroad on the other hand.. I could write twenty essays about that topic. The biggest problem is missing everyone.

I talked about it before in the second part of my emigration diptych that it is quite hard to maintain good contact with friends and family still living in Holland.

I’m a big fan of meeting with a cup of coffee or during long nights in a bar, a great concert or with food. Calling, Skyping or Facetiming aren’t my favourite things to do, but when you find yourself living abroad you’re almost forced to. Whatsapp is being used as never before and Facetime is getting to be one of my most used apps. But still, it’s not the same.

Especially those special moments are something that I really miss, the hugging and the feeling of being together for a short while and really talk. To make it a little, little bit better I sometimes send out small surprises to the ones I love, for example flowers, a cute card or a small present. They don’t make up for the missing moments but I hope to make it clear that I think about them. And they often result in lovely messages or phone calls.

That we go back home once every half a year and see as much people as possible during those days, makes up for a lot. And it still doesn’t even cross my mind to go back, the benefits of living in Berlin are way way better than the cons of living abroad.

What would you miss when you’d live abroad?