Doing the right thing for yourself. It sounds so easy and shouldn’t be difficult whatsoever but most of the time it ís. Being able to choose for yourself and saying ‘no’ to the safe option, is a real art and only get’s easier the more often you do it.

A long while ago I had a small epiphany. I found a small lifehack that makes it easier for me to choose the right thing for myself. 

I like to be surrounded by people that live with dedication. Dedication and optimism, people that are positive about the chances that life gives you and the possibilities that you can create yourself. That work hard and see what they are capable of. I love talking to those people, about the future, about growing as a person and getting better in what you want to achieve.

The talk

One of those talks I had, was about doing the right thing for yourself. Not the right thing for the situation or for someone else but just for yoursélf. Yes that’s right, for you, the most important person on this planet.

It’s something that I’ve been learning for a long while now. And it is something that you should too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really good to do things for other people, to make situations better or resolve issues by helping someone. But if helping goes against your better judgement, if you know you only get out of the situation worse than you went in, what is the reason to go in? Is it really because you want to help or you want to fix the issue? Or is it actually because it is easier to say ‘yes’ when someone asks you for your help instead of saying ‘no’?

You probably already know where I’m headed so I’ll stop there, but just give yourself time to think. Answer the question why you would do something and be honest. Listen to your heart and you’ll start getting better in only doing the things that are right for you.