Olympus Photography Playground is being organized for the second time this year. An old theatre factory in Berlin Mitte was transformed to an interactive exhibition.

It might be the biggest, baddest marketingstunt ever: a complete building dedicated to the launch of a new product. Olympus doesn’t care and just goes. The first time they organized the Photography Playground was when the OM-D E-M5 was launched a year ago and with it’s successor it was time for a new edition.

You can find nine installations from different international artists, each one of them is playing with the possibilities and light in the room and the camera features. The pieces are especially created for the Olympus Photography Playground and are made to be used, photographed and walk through them.

What this has to do with the launch of a new Olympus camera? You get one to borrow during your walk through the building. Everyone gets their own SD-card with you can take home with you. Service!