Oh damn, this blogpost was so hard to make. I made a deal with myself not using more than one picture per month but that seemed to be quite a challenge. I mean, how am I supposed to show a year with a trip to China, three weddings, a lot of visits from Holland and more amazing things in only 12 pictures? Seems impossible right? Well, it kinda worked out.. Let’s see.

01. January

Last year we celebrated New Years Eve on the Thai island Koh Ngai and it was amazing. It was our first time in Asia, we celebrated New Years with friends on a gorgeous island, travelled from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Koh Lanta and back and did so much more. I always thought Asia wasn’t really my cup of tea but this journey made clear it definitely is!

02. February

When I look in my agenda, February is filled with dates. Dinner plans, exploring Berlin, Abandoned Adventures; you name it, we did it! Really grateful for this month and everything it stood for.

03. March

Believe it or not but our Tempelhof-season started in March this year! Incredibly early but the weather was so damn good.

04. April

In April we finally cleared some weekends to finish our home. You can see all the ins and outs in my hometour.

05. May

We only had one weekend off during May, the rest of them were filled with visits from friends. Those periods are always really heavy but amazing as well. I always feel so grateful that people come all this way to spend some time with us.

06. June

Oh China

Crazy right, that we visited China ánd Thailand in only one year? I still can’t believe it!
You can already read my first blog about Beijing, I’m still working on Shanghai and the rest of our journey.

07. July

The wedding of Felix and Jess was the reason that we went to China. An amazing, special day filled with Pinterest-dresses, taking pictures in the heat, karaoke in an hotelroom, a lot of Chinese traditions and amazingly good food. It was really something to be a part of a day this special.

08. August

Each year August focusses on the same thing: the party I host at my mums farm. And this year was no different. We extended it into two nights, added an Open Air Cinema and made it perfect for its fifth year anniversary next year!

09. September

September was again one big party. Our weekend were taken over by a lot of company from Holland and even France, we danced at the last John Coffey-show in Berlin, ate a lot of good food and spend the last warm days in the gardens of YAAM and Rosi’s.

10. October

Everyone who knows me, knows that my birthday is kind of a big thing. I like to celebrate it as big as possible every year. This year was quite low-key, I only had three or four birthday-dinners but with the company that visited us they counted for double!

11. November

In the middle of November we celebrated Christmas in Holland. Or well, kinda. We couldn’t go back during the official Christmas Days, so I visited as much people as possible during my stay. Chaotic as ever of course but really nice to be back and see as much people as possible.

12. December

Picture by Kai Mai – www.kaimaiphotography.com

December is a bit strange, it was a lovely month but on the 19th something happend that will change Berlin forever. Not the daily life, don’t be mistaken. Berliners are used to things happening and getting over them. But the cliche is true: all of a sudden it all feels really close. A lot of people are still talking about it, thinking about everything that happened but they also will never forget to celebrate life.

We celebrated on our own on the first Christmas day. It was a little stressful but so worth it to host a Christmas dinner at our place and join each other in good food, wine and an amazing pavlova.


It’s quite special to look back on a year like this. All of a sudden everything is all there and out in the open. It was an extraordinary year, I traveled more than before, friendships grew and became stronger, some were broken and couldn’t be fixed, I needed to make plans for the future. And that future is about to happen, 2017 will be a hectic and exciting year. A lot of things that I don’t really have influence on, are going to happen, and for a controlfreak like me, that’s quite a challenge.

How was your year? Any highlights?