Marlou started on Twitter with the #14of2014-tag, which she used to post her 14 favourite moments of 2014. Given the fact that 2014 was a crazy-ass year with a lot of things going on, I couldn’t wait to start with that tag as well and look back on everything that happened.


1. January

At the beginning of this year I got to go to EuroSonic Noorderslag in Groningen with my job and of course Joppe couldn’t join. Something I was quite sad about, until I found what he had put in my backpack before I left ;)


2. February

Mini horses! Gaawd, I really miss those crazy little animals. Oh and not to forget the dogs at my mums farm as well. Our goldfish Jack just really isn’t a hugging kind..


3. March

Joppe turned 30 last March. Because I adore birthdays and always try to make the most of it, I couldn’t let this important one go without notice. For about one year I kept the best secret ever, that we would go to London for his birthday.. It was hard, really, really hard but I survived! And that smile you see above is also one filled with relief.


4. April

At the beginning of March we’ve decided to move to.. Berlin (well yeah, that you might know now). It was crazy and made everything more intense and special than normal.


5. May

A big highlight after our move: we became real Berliners!


6. June

Our dream-Berlin-scenario was that Joppe as a developer would find work soon after our move and I’d stay at home, write, cook and enjoy the city before starting with a mini-job or an internship somewhere. Something that seemed logical at the time because I work with words and not the German ones.. so yeah, good luck finding a job. But things turned out a bit different..
Joppe found a job but was kept on a leash for about four months (!) before he got a no. And I happen to find a job within a couple of weeks.


7. July

The first period in Berlin was full of visitors, decorating our home and of course.. getting to know the city!


8. August

This year was the second edition of.. (don’t laugh) Burning Eva *giggle. The first weekend of August is about camping, barbeque, music, a campfire and good drinks and food. Its the highlight of my summer and I cant wait for next year!


9. September

In September we visited Holland again, second time in two months, this weekend was filled with nice dates and a spontaneous adventure with Laura to the Efteling.


10. October

October is my birthdaymonth. As said I loooove birthdays and I used to celebrate mine every year during a period of three weeks filled with parties, dinners and good dates. This year I decided at first not to but the last-minute party was a huge success and I really enjoyed everyone coming over. Oh and the pie! And the pretty present!


11. November

Berlin in November was all about the 25th Anniversary of the Mauerfall.


12. December

December was actually all about my family coming over for the holidays but because I made almost no pictures, here is one of the snow that covered Berlin with an fairytale-like blanket.


13 & 14 random favourites

Damien Rice in Michelberger certainly couldn’t be missed in this year’s highlghts. His surprise gig in the Berliner Hotel was per-fect.

And another highlight this year was the new part of my job: getting to make some DIY-projects during work! Doing something more creative and awesome really isn’t possible.

I hope that your 2014 was just as nice, chaotic, hysterical and special and that next year is filled with as much love and perfect moments.

Lots of love from Berlin!