“Don’t listen, please don’t listen, they don’t know and are just plain rude”

That’s something I’ve been telling myself for ages. It has become my favourite mantra together with “So it goes” (okay I’ve stolen that one from the King of Literature), “Everything will be fine” and “There are more planes in the sky” for when I’m scared to fly again.

It took some time for me to work. I can still remember the first time I needed to tell myself not to listen. I was startled, ‘Did she really just say that to me?’ and after a moment I came back with the realization that she really, really did. It might have been a little joke, just to tease me, but it felt like a knife in my heart.

“Ha, so you’ve become a bit softer huh?”
She told me while she gave me a hug

I had no idea how to respond. How dó you respond to something like that?! You see, I’m not size 36, I’m not even size 38. But I’m fucking fine with that. I’m indeed soft and damn funny so there is that. But still… Yes, I’ve became a bit ‘softer’ over the last five years when you didn’t have time to see me. I also became more mature, smarter, more creative and a better human being. Why don’t point that out?

People always find a reason to give their well-meant opinion about stuff they have no right to form an opinion about. No, really.. they have no right to form an opinion about you, your size, good looking face, incredible personality or whatever they will find, and even tell it to you.

And the ‘you’ve become a bit softer hu?’ is one of the nicest “well-meant” opinions I’ve heard. Go figure.

It doesn’t matter if the opinion they loudly give you is not really that mean or super bitchy. You don’t need to take it. In fact you don’t even need to listen to them. You really, really don’t!

Steal my mantra, please steal my mantra and keep telling yourself you don’t need to listen when people give you “well-meant”  opinions, because your own opinion is the only one that matters.