This past weekend was the celebration of the first ever edition of Lollapalooza in Europe. And happy enough it took place in Berlin, my sweet sweet hometown and the location was more perfect than you could ever imagine: the old airport Tempelhof. And during my two day-stay at the wonderful world of Lollapalooza I learned a lot.

1. You can get stuck in traffic on a Sunday (yes Crystal Fighters I’m looking at you!)
2. Stereophonics and Train aren’t the same band
3. Once you drink Club Mate, you don’t go back to Red Bull
4. There is something called Salmon Döner
5. And people wait over an hour to get it
6. Deichkind is one big, gigantic chaos live. Like: imagine the last party on earth ever combined with crazy outfits, your grandma in a glitter onesie, diamond pyramids and words flying around as if they don’t mean anything but are the glue that holds everything together. Throw in some feathers, confetti and major beats and there you go.
7. Beatsteaks is live even more awesome than on album
8. It’s damn nice being able to sleep in your own bed during a festival
9. Not to mention the 30 minute walk from your home to the festivalarea
10. I’m done with the Boho-style. Like, done done. Get over your feathers, fringed tops and golden temporary tatoos
11. Dominic Howard (Muse-drummer) is the only man who can pull of dyed black hair
12. If you ever see flooded liquids near the toilet-station, don’t assume it’s water..
13. Lollapalooza and Europe are a great match!