Of course I’ve researched the best places to eat and drink in Cologne. The best restaurant to eat some tapas, the best pub to drink a beer. In this blog I’ll share my favourite places with you!

Herr Pimock

Located in Belgische Viertal, Herr Pimock is a really nice place to sit back and enjoy a nice coffee. I know that it doesn’t look as sexy from the outside but the interior is another story.

Aachener Str. 52


Rosendorn tapas

We’ve been wanting to go here for several nights but it was booked out each time. Thank heavens we could finally get a table and it was immediately clear why it was so busy the nights before. The tapas were delicious!

Lintgasse 10-12



Irish pub –ย The Corkonian

It might sound silly to spend an evening in Cologne in an Irish Pub but the carnaval was just starting when we stayed in the city so all the bigger, German, venues were completely filled with strange clothed people. On the Alter Markt you can find two pubs, one that looks like a strange sex-bar in a cellar and the other one is at the other side of the square and is nice and damn cosy.

Alter Markt 51



I wanted to go to Bastian’s as long as we’ve been planning to go to Cologne. And when we arrived it was clear that my longing for their breakfast was worth the wait. It is quite busy though, so the chances are that you might have to wait for a table.

Auf dem Berlich 3-5



Salon Schmidt

We came across Salon Schmidt on accident because we needed to hide for the rain. The cocktails might be quite expensive but they are so tasty that you might want to order them anyway. It’s really nicely decorated with vintage furniture and the brick wall and concrete floor complete the vibe!

Aachener Str. 28


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