I’ve been thinking quite long and hard about how I should write about or first trip to Thailand. I’m no travelblogger, haven’t seen the world and don’t have a backpack full of comparisons ready for you. However, I do like to share tips, hotspots and places you need to visit in cool cities. But actually especially for cities that you can visit for a weekend, for example Berlin, Hamburg or Budapest. But how to deal with Thailand?

I could sum up millions of bars, restaurants and the best beaches and things to do in Bangkok, Chaing Mai or Koh Lanta. But is that really something you’re looking for? I’d rather share with you my experience of my first time in Asia, being scared of flying and the special moments and lessons I’ve learned along the way.


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First time Asia

I have to admit: I really didn’t fancy going to Asia. I always thought America would suit me more but Europe also has so much more to offer. Plus I never really craved Asian food, yes really. But still, we had a trip to China planned due to a wedding and with that in the back of my mind it didn’t seem like a wrong idea to get a small taste of Eastern culture. And where better to start than Thailand? Everything is already discovered by tourists, and to be honest that felt like a big plus for the first time outside Europe.

Bangkok might just be as ‘pure Asia’ as Amsterdam is the correct representative for the rest of Holland, but since we first set foot outside the airport and took the BTS to our hotel, I knew I never did it justice. In the middle of December it’s lovely warm and felt like the heart of summer, a nice change to the cold weather in Berlin.

People often tell you that Bangkok is a city you love or hate. That made us choose a hotel that didn’t have much character, in case the city would be too overwhelming, we could still relax at a neutral place at night. But that was far from needed. I loved Bangkok! The hysteria, madness, bizarre people you see, everything is over the top and you have no idea where to look, but still I felt some kind of tranquility. As if, for the first time, I knew for sure that we couldn’t see everything and things just come as they do. Just let it go, follow the flow and enjoy. And that’s exactly what we did.

There is still so much more to tell, moments to share and tips to give but for now you’d have to do with the pictures.

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