There is that moment.. You live in Berlin, have an amazing job, great friends and the best person in the world as boyfriend, roommate and partner in crime. What’s next? Well.. it seems that there is still enough to wish for.

Top of the wishlist is a car, or better yet.. a small van! We could ride away in the weekends, go to small lakes or different cities. Of course there is nothing wrong with Berlin but sometimes I miss the beach, the wind blowing in my face and getting all warm and fuzzy after a day outside.

And if that car (or van) is finally there, we could get the dog we’ve been talking about for years.

But then there’s still that big wishlist with #futuretattoos that I would like. Lack of money is the reason that I still don’t write my favourite artist, but maybe someday..

Or will I finally buy some lenses I’ve been dreaming of for my camera? Ever since I’m making more and more pictures I notice that my starter lens isn’t sufficient any more.

Oh and tickets to Iceland, Denmark, Lisbon (yes again please!) and some extra free time in Berlin are also more than welcome..

Do you know this feeling?