I’m often using glass bottles for vases but to be honest they can be quite boring. With only a little bit of good ol’ nail polish you can really spice them up and make it cool eyecatchers for your home.

DIY dotted vase -2

You need:

– Glass bottle
– Nail polish
– Cotton swab with a ‘pointy’ end
– Plastic plate


Wash the glass bottle with hot water to make it super clean.

Pour a little bit of nail polish on the plate and start creating dots on the bottle with the pointy end of the cotton swab.

Only pour small amounts of nail polish on the plate per time, it gets affected by the air quite fast and then it’s not good to work with anymore.

DIY dotted vase -3

After one and a half bilion dots you’re ready!

Let it calmly, and with a lot of patience, dry. Don’t move it too soon because you might smudge the thicker dots and that would be a shame.

DIY dotted vase -5