Glitter, gold, party, garland.. Four things that are festive enough on their own but bring another level of awesomeness to the table when combined. You can easily say that my golden party garland with glitters is probably the best decision ever to make ánd hang on my wall. Do you want one too? You know you do!



Word of your choosing, one letter per A4-paper
Glue or gluegun


1. Print your word on the normal A4-paper, one letter per sheet and cut them out.
2. Trace the lines of your letters on the cardboard and cut them out again.
3. Now you’ll cover the frontside of your cardboard letter with the glue and attach a sheet of the gold paper. Don’t cut it in the shape of the letter yet. Because you’ll do that as soon at it’s firmly attached to the cardboard you make sure the gold and cardboard have exactly the same size and shape.


4. When the glue is set, you can remove all the excess glitterpaper.
5. Turn your letters around and place them in the correct order. Glue your string at the top of each letter and leave some extra string at the beginning and the end of the words so you can hang it easier.



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