As I wrote in the last post I was quite busy making our house feel like a home. I know it sounds quite civil and boring but it’s quite important, especially when you come home after a long day of work. Thanks to some perfect DIY-projects everything is now kind of finished!

One of my latest DIY-projects is the Geometric Stringart, super easy and with a quick and awesome result!


Geo print
Embroidery thread
And of course a spot on the wall!

DIY geometric art - 03

The steps

Put all the materials in front of you on the table and choose a color of thread that will fit perfectly with your other accessories.

Print out your desired geometric print on normal paper. Hold this one against the light and put a thicker piece of paper over it. This will make sure your geo print is visible. Put a dot at each crossroad.

DIY geometric art - 04

Now punch those holes with your needle and thing about the direction you want to follow when you start with the embroidery. On the backside you can cross the threads as many times as you want but the best, most pretty result will be if you leave the thread on the front just single.

It’s not always neccessairy to punch each crossroad, sometimes your string will only cover it.
Start with the embrodery and take your time, don’t be afraid to redo some lines if you aren’t satisfied.

Tie a knot in the back, frame your new art and you’re finished! Easy right?

DIY geometric art - 01