We’ve been working on some kickass Christmas-tutorials for the last few weeks. During one of those shootings I’ve created this awesome Christmas ornament.


Square paper, best something with a pattern
Scissors or a knife

DIY Christmas Paper Deco - Material


1. Fold your square paper twice diagonally and put the ‘open’ end forwards
2. Cut the open side in four even strips and cut these, leaving one cm. closed at the edge.

DIY Christmas paper deco - 01

3. Fold the paper open again, you now have a square with different, even cuts.
4. Pull the two smallest, middle points towards each other and glue them together. Turn your paper around and do the same thing with the next two strips. Turn it around again, glue, turn and glue. Now all four sides are connected and you’ve created the shape!

You can add a string and hang it your ornament in the Christmastree or in the window. If you create six of them you can make a big Christmas-star.

DIY Christmas Paper Deco - 02