Now more and more friends are starting to get little kids I felt obliged to start DIY’ing for those little ones. And that I just started to learn how to sew only seemed like the best timing ever to make DIY baby leggings.

DIY baby leggings -1

You need:

Bio Jersey
Elastic waist band
Sewing machine
Tracing paper
Legging with the correct sizes or a pattern

DIY baby leggings -7

DIY baby leggings -6

1. Check with a couple of centimeters of your fabric if your sewing machine can handle jersey (mine was horror!)

2. It works the easiest if you make use of an existing legging in the correct size. Just fold this in half, put it on the tracing paper and follow the shape. Add 3 centimeters along the top, 2 centimeters on the bottom and all around the sides 1 centimeter extra. Cut out your pattern.

3. Fold the jersey fabric in half, placing the good sides on top of each other and pin the pattern on it. Cut it out. In this way you have two identical parts.

4. Take the pattern away and place the two pieces of fabric, with the good sides facing each other, together. Pin the top sides together and sew along the upper sides.

5. Fold the 2 centimeters on the bottom towards the inside and sew along to create a hem.

DIY baby leggings -5

DIY baby leggings -4

6. Open the legging and make sure that the hem you’ve sewn is in the middle facing upwards.
Pin both legs on the inside and sew from one bottom, straight through the middle, towards the other.

7. The only thing you still need to do is finish the top.
Cut a piece of elastic twice as wide as your pants. Place 2 centimeters of the ends over each other and sew them together creating a band.
Place the elastic band over the top of your legging and fold 3cm of the fabric over the elastic. You’ve now created a small tunnel to hold the elastic. Sew the hem together.

You only have to turn the legging inside out and you’re done!

DIY baby leggings -2