Days in Berlin brings me to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem and well.. a little bit of Berlin.

The first night in Amsterdam I was surprised by the cuteness of the city. I totally forgot Amsterdam was so cosy and could also be far from busy.

Days in Berlin 07 - 01

We went for dinner at the, known by everyone, Bazar at the Albert Cuyp, mjam!

Days in Berlin 07 - 02

After waiting for an hour outside we finally could enter the Rijksmuseum. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and it was so worth the wait!

Days in Berlin 07 - 03

Days in Berlin 07 - 04

Days in Berlin 07 - 05

We stayed at the great Conscious Hotel and with their location close to the Vondelpark and their philosophy (100% sustainable, cool, green and eco) it’s a true recommendation!

Days in Berlin 07 - 07

We couldn’t miss the John Coffey album release party!

Days in Berlin 07 - 08

Time for a big, big bloggermeet in Utrecht! Together with five other bloggers we explored the city for its newest hotspots and go-to places.

Days in Berlin 07 - 09

Days in Berlin 07 - 010


At night it was time for more food, what else did you expect? This time I went to Bij Visje en Vleesje, a new restaurant in Arnhem.

Days in Berlin 07 - 013

Back in Berlin, Marjolein, Emma and I had dinner at Crackers, one of Berlins newest hotspots.

Days in Berlin 07 - 014

Days in Berlin 07 - 015

And it was time for my first abandoned-adventure ever! It was SO amazing, I’m totally hooked to the raw, abandoned buildings and can’t wait for our next trip.
Here you can find more Beelitz Heilstatten pictures.

Thanks to my old job at a music magazine I was invited to go to a special showcase of Mumford & Sons in Berlin. I mean, how amazing is that?!
You weren’t allowed to bring any phones or cameras inside, so this is the only image I can show you…

Days in Berlin 07 - 018

I ordered sushi for the first time. A-ma-zing.
Okay, I must admit, this was plate one of three…

Days in Berlin 07 - 019

Spring in Berlin!

Days in Berlin 07 - 020

Our beautiful street in the morning sun

Days in Berlin 07 - 021