Wooo wooo! We’re almost in China! But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t do, or see, an awful lot in Berlin the past few days. Let me show you some new restaurant favourites and hotspots you definitely need to visit!

Berlinstagram 014 - 6

I couldn’t not share this picture with you. Touristic cheesy isn’t always wrong.
The beautiful Frankfurter Tor holds a special place in my heart, for me it resembles the start of out Berlin-journey.

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Berlinstagram 014 - 4

Berlinstagram 014 - 5

Berlinstagram 014 - 2

Who would’ve ever known that a boattour could be so much fun?! I didn’t really want to go but I’ve promised my mum for years that ‘next time’ we’ll do the tour and I really couldn’t come up with new excuses anymore. So we went. And it was so much fun! I could really, really recommend to do one if you have some spare time in this amazing city. Choose one that also offers a tour through the Landwehr Canal so you can see the real Berlin from the waterside.

Berlinstagram 014 - 20

Berlinstagram 014 - Sammlung Boros

And finally we visited the Sammlung Boros art gallery. Wauw!

Berlinstagram 014 - 11

This elephant is only five minutes away from my office. I still love how colourful Berlin is.

Berlinstagram 014 - 8

Needed to visit the Dutch embassy (won’t bore you with the details) and these fishes can be found right around the corner, cute!

Berlinstagram 014 - 9

Time for coffee at Father Carpenter

Berlinstagram 014 - 10

And summerrolls at SOY

Berlinstagram 014 - 16

My new cards have finally arrived!

Berlinstagram 014 - 19

Umami is quite a new restaurant in the Bergmanstraße but I must admit I’ve visited it five or six times already. The food is really amazing and the cocktails are even better!

Berlinstagram 014 - 18

We had a girlsweekend in Berlin. The night was filled with taco’s, sommerrollen, dumplings, margaritas and icecream. But first, started of with some drinks at the Kapitalist in Prenzlauerberg.

Berlinstagram 014 - 21

I finally had lunch at the pretty but disappointing House of Small Wonder.

Berlinstagram 014 - 14

Berlinstagram 014 - 13


A lovely Sunday afternoon at Two&Two in Neukölln.

Berlinstagram 014 - 17

Cheers from our favourite beergarten Ponte Rosa

Berlinstagram 014 - 25

Berlinstagram 014 - 24

BRAMMIBALS has it’s own donutshop!!

Berlinstagram 014 - 26

Berlinstagram 014 - 27

Amazing streetart on Bülowstraße, wauw!

Berlinstagram 014 - 15

Ready for our trip to China!