I believe I posted the last Days in Berlin somewhere mid-December, right? Might not even have been too long ago (once two editions were more than half a year apart..) but it’s about time to post another update since a lot of things have happened the last few months!

Short after the last Days in Berlin I finally saw my wish fulfilled and we picked up our Christmas-tree. I was never a huge fan of Christmas but I really couldn’t get enough of it this year.

Joppe and I decided to spend the holidays in Berlin this year. It was quite strange not to be with family during the Christmas days but it gave us a lot of peace and quiet. I decided to host a Christmas-dinner for some ‘stay in Berlin’-friends.

Pictures by Kai Mai Photography

As I wrote before, my head was full-on Christmas-mode this year. I really couldn’t get enough of christmas songs (I even started singing them randomly most of the time) and visited several christmas markets in Berlin. The best of them all? Gendarmenmarkt. Okay okay, it’s super touristy and not really cheap but the location is amazing!

Of course we also celebrated NYE at home this year. Or better said, at a friends place. Thank god for that, I was so happy this wasn’t my livingroom the day after!

On the 2nd of January my sister and I visited Berlin Zoo. And it was the perfect thing to do during a still slightly hungover weekday. The streichelzoo (as it’s called in German) was so sweet with its little annoying goats and little horses.

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Did you knew that Berlin has a lot of beautiful, old cinemas? Most of them are a part of Yorck-kino’s and are located all around the city.
At Passage-kino we saw Arrival, quite impressive thanks to the special effects but the romance-part in the story feels so forced.

I’ve never seen Berlin as white as these last wintermonths. With everything so pretty, we just had to get out on a Sunday afternoon and stroll through Viktoriapark.

We visited the newly opened BRLO-Brewhouse in Park Gleisdreieck and it was so amazing that we’ve been there several times since.
Not only the 20 different beers make it worth a visit but the food is mouth-watering good. At this Brewhouse you won’t get any schnitzel or hamburger to go with your beer but special, delicate dishes made to share. Amazing!

Schöneberger Straße 16
(U-Bahnhof Gleisdreieck, U1 & U2)
10963 Berlin

To celebrate that I had a new freelance-job (yihaa!) I took Joppe out for dinner (oh so emancipated, right?). We finally visited the Long March Canteen. Oh.My.God. The fresh fish, countless dummplings and the most special dessert ever were delicious.
Service was quite shit by the way, so no full-on plus but it’s a must if you like Asian food.

Long March Canteen
Wrangelstraße 20
10997 Berlin

I’m trying to improve my foodphotography. Sometimes it fails. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Hopefully the last snow we’ll see in Berlin. I loved it for a while but am super done with this winter.
Looking forward to spring and summertime, spending Sundays on Tempelhof and visiting beergartens after work.

In the mean time we visited Wroclaw (amazing) and spend some time with gnomes, wodka and drunken Polish people over there. But I’ll tell you more about it on the next episode of Days in Berlin!

How are you all doing sweeties?