It feels like forever since I’ve posted my last Days In Berlin while in fact it’s only been a little over a month. A crazy month filled with a lót of visitors from back home and days we spend out and about. I’ll take you with me to new hotspots and nice restaurants.

Together with Emma  I finally ate at Marubi Ramen. Those dumplings really were to die for! And this lunch was the beginning of my, so it seemed later, dumpling month.. I’ve never had so many dumplings in such a short time.

Marubi Ramen
Schönhauser Allee 177

Afterwards it was time for coffee at The Barn

The Barn
Schönhauser Allee 8

And we discovered some amazing street-art in an alley next to The Barn. It’s so amazing how you can find the most surprising things in courtyards in Berlin, always pop in if you have the chance!

It was my birthday! My sweet colleague Eva (it’s all in the name ;)) made this chocolate browniecake for me <3

And we had a lot of visitors over from the Netherlands. We took them for Chinese dinner at Da Jia Le and of course drank some Baiju there, as if we were back in China for a while.

Da Jia Le
Goebenstr. 23

We also ate Korean at WaWa (and again, dumplings!)

Grunewaldstr. 10

And it was sushi time in one of my favourite restaurants Kuchi in Mitte

Gipsstr. 3 (Auguststr.)

My sister visited Berlin for almost a week and I’m so so so happy that she will be back for NYE. I’m so looking forward to our quality time. It’s quite amazing actually, when we were younger we could almost kill each other but since we’ve grown up we get along better than I could’ve wished for.

When we still lived in Holland the autumn was our period for concerts. Since we’ve moved to Berlin that’s one of the things that has changed but thank heavens this year we finally had some concerts in October. Among others a show by Bear’s Den and a week later Architects, both in Huxleys Neue Welt.

We drove home for a weekend. And of course I had to go and visit my mum and her new sheep.

Always a plus, if your birthday gifts contain something that you can do later. One of those things was dinner at Tim Raue together with Joppe. And it was AMAZING. So so so good that I still feel the butterflies when I think about it.

Tim Raue
Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26

For next time: Days In Berlin 017 will feature a lot of Christmas Markets and our own Christmas tree, it can’t get more festive than that ;)