“Hi, my name is Eva and I bake cakes!” and not just for birthdays, visitors or that one Sunday in a blue moon that I feel like eating something sweet, but since last October I can also say that I bake them for weddings. And I’m still amazed by that fact.

If you’d have told me four years ago that I’d fall madly in love with baking cakes, I probably would’ve laughed in your face. But four years later baking and I are a match made in heaven ever since I started experimenting on my own and creating my own cakes instead of the classic appel pie.

And for the first time I wasn’t Eva who ‘did something with marketing‘ or ‘is blogging since she’s twelve‘, I became the ‘Eva, the girl that bakes’. And that’s where it’s at.

The big confirmation came when two dear friends asked me to bake cakes for their wedding. Of course I wanted to help on their special day and celebrate with them, so I jumped in and spend days planning, baking and creating. The wedding itself was amazing, a day filled with love, nerves (mostly mine), blue berries and figs.

Pictures by Marjolein van der Klaauw

So happy, so much love and look at Joppe being all proud