By chance we suddenly discovered last week that we’ve been living here for six months already! A perfect reason to give you a small tour through our Berliner home.

It might be that you’ve already seen some pictures and details via Instagram but this is the complete, uncut edition! Made possible by Bauer, Jack Bauer.


I always thought it was quite important to keep our bookcases in our livingroom, they give some kind of atmosphere and identity that can’t be made by something else. But in our current home the only place we could put them was our entrance and now they are the first thing I see when I come home.


After the entrance you walk into the kitchen / dining area. Because it seems a lot bigger than it really is thanks to the heigh ceilings and the light coming in, it’s the perfect place to have a real big table. The only thing I still need is some new dinnerchairs, inviting more than four people over for dinner is quite hard with only two real chairs.

Oh and don’t you love my yellow stool?


And in the corner my vintage cabinet, bought on the fleamarket on Boxhagenerplatz where it seemed to be a lot bigger.

On the right you see my wardrobe with the shopper from By Gitte.



At first I wanted to divide our living- and sleeping-area because it is really just one big space. But because I was afraid of losing a lot of light, we’ve just used the couch as a room-divider, behind it is our bed.


At the end of our bed is my boyfriends desk (with, indeed, two monitors.. the nerd) and above my favorite place in our home: a couple of shelves with everything that is really ‘ours’. Items with their own story and background, books I care deeply about or are a shame to put in the entrance.