Okay okay, Budapest is nice. You can get good food, a lot of culture, the people are amazing and the surroundings are beautiful. Quite an amazing city if you ask me. But the thing that makes Budapest extra special are the ruin pubs! These bars are the unique selling point of the Hungarian capital and make the nights last amazingly long.

Maybe you can remember my tip about visiting the ruin pubs from my blogpost about things you need to do in Budapest. But after I found out some more cool places, I decided they deserve their own blogpost.

Ruin Pubs Budapest - Instant


The first pub we came across our first Budapest-trip and the most special one because of that. It’s our favourite place in the whole city. Cocktails are cheap, beers are even cheaper. They have the best homemade lemonade and the most amazing rooms across the whole building. Each one of them has it’s own dj to dance to.

Nagymező utca 38

Ruin Pubs Budapest - Szimpla


The most epic ruin pub in Budapest. By far the biggest and the most absurd space you’ll ever drink a beer. Everything is filled. Everywhere you look you’ll find strange decoration. Swinging gnomes, half cars turned into boots, hundreds of plants, a phone booth with a dancing robot, a room filled with computerscreens and so forth. It looks as if they visited one flea market and just bought everything available and taped it to the walls. The vibe is bizarre, crazy, unique and very cosy. You’re really in some place special.
Szimpla is the oldest ruin pub of the city and is featured on a lot of lists. Of course it’s a necessary one to feature on mine as well but I can also tip you not to visit it on a Friday or Saturday night.

Kazinczy St 14

Ruin Pubs Budapest - Ankert


Hip, classy and slick. Anker’t is, as well as the other ruin pubs, located in an abandoned old building. But where most bars make use of the different floors and abandoned parts, is Anker’t something else. They only use the courtyard on the ground floor, and strangely, not being able to walk around the upper floors make you experience the abandoned-vibe even more. You only see black holes in the walls around you while sitting on the hippest chairs enjoying your high class gin tonic. Of course you pay for that vibe and style as well, its one of the more expensive ruin pubs in Budapest but definitely worth a visit!

Anker’t – Anker Klub
Anker köz 1-3

Godor Klub

Godor Klub is actually made of two parts, a big underground club in the Erszebet Ter-park, close to the Dom. But the best part of this pub is park itself. After four or five in the afternoon, tables and chairs pop up, three bars are opened, spread all over the square. All of a sudden the big park is an amazing cosy place to drink some beers.

Godor Klub
Erszebet Ter – Király utca 8-10

Ruin Pubs Budapest - Ellato Kert

Ellátó Kert

We went for the taco’s and didn’t leave for a couple of hours. And that was the best choice ever! The combination of good, fresh taco’s with a relaxed, colourful place to hang out is perfect to spend a more relaxed evening.

Ellátó Kert
Kazinczy St 48