Andddd *drums* here it is! The first edition of a new category: Berlin Books! There are so many books written about thé places to be in Berlin, which tours you really have to make and which hotspots you can’t skip, but what are the good ones? Which books are a must have? I’ll dive into the wondrous world of the Berlin Books and tell you which are must haves and which you can skip.

This first edition of the Berlin Books covers CeeCee Berlin!



CeeCee Berlin

CeeCee Berlin is a well known secret. Their website, which started everything, has a real solid fanbase but there are still a lot of people that have never heard about the site.

Every Thursday CeeCee Berlin sends out a new newsletter which features their latest Berlin-findings. And don’t only think about the hippest pop-up stores or cafes, but also amazingly pretty locations, cool events or cultural must-do’s.

Are you expecting a thrown together mess of tips, you’re wrong. Sven Hausherr and Nina Trippel, the founders of CeeCee, have collected a team of curators that all think and write in the CeeCee-vibe.



The book

Since October 2014 the CeeCee Berlin book is there. It’s a gigantic, coffee table worthy publication with amazingly beautiful full-page pictures, exclusive tips, guestcolumns from Berlin designers and musicians.

Berlin for Berliners and would-be Berliners

For who?

You won’t bring CeeCee Berlin with you if you visit Berlin for a weekend, it’s too big and heavy for that. But for everyone who comes prepares and likes to check out new places to visit before coming here, it’s a must have!