Of course, Berlin is always gorgeous. Every season has it’s special way of playing with the city. Spring and summer make it festive, colourful and happy, the street-art seems more bright than usual and the warm sun lights up the parks all around. The white winters are a perfect match with the Berliner alt-bau and the grey modern architecture. In autumn, everything is yellow, the colour that, for me, equals Berlin.

When we are in luck and it is a sunny autumn day I just can’t wait to get outside. I long to wander around this beautiful yellow autumn, Berlin at its best. This time we visited Südgelände, a park in the south of Berlin. It’s one of the most underrated parks in the city and definitely worth a visit.

Südgelände is located west of Tempelhof and is build on an old rail yard that’s been out of use since the second World War. You can still see the old use of the area, you walk across the tracks and stumble upon an old locomotive and the turntable.

The first time we visited this park was by accident. We just moved to Berlin and rented a scooter for a day. We drove all around town until we ended up at Südgelände. We got off our scooter and didn’t know where to look. This was 100% Berlin, everything just came together: the history of the park, the street-art that’s been added daily and the nature in the midst of the city. Our new home is only a 15-minute bike ride away from the park, so when it finally was one of those sunny autumn days (which we didn’t really have a lot of this autumn) we decided to visit this magic park again. And it was gorgeous!













As you might know, nature photography is quite new for me but it was so exciting to do! What do you think about my pictures?

Are you also a big fan of autumn or would you rather choose winter, summer or spring?