After our visit to Beelitz Heilstätten I couldn’t wait to go to another abandoned location. A couple of weeks later we decided to visit Flugplatz Sperenberg. More than an hour outside Berlin this was supposed to be a real abandoned one with no tourists around, but after half an hour I wished we’d just stayed in safe Beelitz with all its tourists.

Flugplatz Sperenberg

The abandoned Flugplatz Sperenberg exists since 1870 although at that moment it was used as a shooting range and military test facility Heeresversuchsanstalt. When the First World War started, it was the biggest test facility in the world, to give you a feeling about how huge it is: the shooting range was 12km long and 250m wide.

During the 50’s the Sovjets decided to use Sperenberg as an airport and during the whole GDR it was used regularly, to be closed in ’94.

Nowadays the terrain is guarded in collaboration with Kummersdorf Museum, they host tours once every year but we decided to go by ourselves..




The Forest

When we finally found a hole in the wall, protecting the terrain, we could easily hop over the rubble and we only had to walk a couple of minutes before we came across the first barracks.

And then, all of a sudden I’m scared.
I know it’s me, I know it’s due to the fact that I watched The Blair Witch Project when I was younger and it still gives me nightmares. But at the moment that we stood in the cellar and I heard someone walking above us, I felt my heart in my throat.

After a short while we decided we would go further, towards the landingstrip that would be located somewhere in the north of the terrain. Because we read several stories about guards walking around the area, we went straight through the forest.
Fifteen minutes, half an hour, an hour.. I have no idea how long it took us before we finally arrived at the strip. It was bizarre. So much emptiness all around. Only nature that quietly swallowed the history of the place.

We followed the strip for a while until one of us shouted.. “A car!” it was quiet for a second before we all heard it. “Run! RUN!”
We dove towards the smaller bushes in the middle of the strip. Just in time. Only two seconds later a red car passed our safe spot. Time to find a place to exit the terrain.


From our safe spot we walked towards the road leading towards the exit. Every now and then we had to jump in the bushes to avoid a car. After a couple of minutes we saw a sign that read ‘Pyramid’. It intrigued us so we followed the sign. Just a few meters in front of us rose a big, open circle with in the middle a gigantic pyramid.

You know that moment in horror movies when the main characters stumble across something strange and their lives are about to end? Well, I was sure we just got to that point. And then, as if it was time to make me even more scared, a car arrived. We jumped behind bushes on the side of the pyramid and waited. But we weren’t that lucky.

The car pulled over, got parked on the other side of the bushes and we heard a door open. Someone stepped out and opened the trunk.


That was all we heard..

What now? We decided to wait. And wait. *SNAP SNAP* and wait… *SNAP SNAP*

I needed to pee.


“Okay, we’re going to act as if we are stupid tourists and ask him the way out”, someone said. I didn’t feel my knees anymore, they shivered so fast. We got up and walked towards the sound. There he was, one of the overseers that was calmly trimming the bush that we were hiding behind. He told us about the history of the place, that we really weren’t allowed to walk here and then he let us go.

My energy was drained. Quietly and slowly we walked back to the gate in the wall that gave us access to the terrain. You can call me scared. Hell, I ám scared. No secrets there..