It was cold, way way too cold and the small walk from the car to the gates of Chemiewerk in Rüdersdorf had already had a huge impact on my body. The warmth was far away and even though my big winterjacket was supposed to save me from the cold, I didn’t feel particular enthusiastic anymore after walking that slippery route. What the hell were we doing here on this cold winter day? The feeling sort of disappeared when we walked through the gates but after more and more minutes passed, I couldn’t wait to go back home.

Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf

The abandoned Chemiewerk in Rüdersdorf was a long wish of mine to visit. As a true Homeland-fan I saw the location in the series, read about the graffiti by German artists commissioned by the series and my curiosity was triggered more and more.

First we tried to go in via the main gate but after we saw security close by we decided to drive back, through a depressive residential area and go through a park, across a bridge and via an old railroad to find a place to enter the abandoned lot.

Abandoned Chemiewerk Rudersdorf-1
Foto: Marjolein –

Abandoned Chemiewerk Rudersdorf-16
Foto: Marjolein –

The route took a bit longer than we thought, but when we finally arrived I forgot about the cold. The impressive huge towers rose like grey giants from the white ground.

We walked into the first building, were scared by another set of urbexers and tried to be as quiet as possible not the get the attention from the security. The cold however was so intense and crawled its way deeper and deeper in my body. My shoes were wet and my socks sticked to my feet as if they were never to let go.

The rain falling from the sky didn’t make it any better. My fingers didn’t seem to work anymore and after half an hour it was almost impossible to make any pictures. My lens was wet, every part of my clothes as well so I couldn’t dry it off in any way and my fingers were almost insensible so pressing the button wasn’t even aan option.

The location was magnificent, really, but the weather made us go back home after a small hour. Hopefully we’ll go back in summertime again, when the green grass lights up the grey giants and the sun makes everything a bit more peaceful. I can’t wait!

Abandoned Chemiewerk Rudersdorf-7

Abandoned Chemiewerk Rudersdorf-8

Abandoned Chemiewerk Rudersdorf-6

Abandoned Chemiewerk Rudersdorf-9

Abandoned Chemiewerk Rudersdorf-11