When it gets cold outside and the rain starts ticking on the window, your Sundays are best to be spend at home, on the couch with a cup of tea and a nice movie. But what movie to watch? I’ll share some of my favourites with you, some have a special summer vibe for those cold days and others celebrate the upcoming holidays.

1. The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back is, without a doubt, my favourite movie of the last few years. The vibe with which the small beach town is portrayed is so catching. Add pressure on a fourteen year old boy and drama between new family members and there is enough going on to make The Way Way Back a movie that you won’t forget.

Duncan is fourteen year old boy and gets invited to spend the summer with his mother, her new boyfriend and his daughter. Although he joins, he doesn’t really fit in. The people in the small beach town are only busy with planning parties at night and spending their days on the beach. Thank heavens he meets Owen, the owner of Water Wizz waterpark. A friendship blossoms and let’s Duncan grow and Owen find a more mature side of himself.


2. The Kings of Summer

A little bit of extra summer for these cold winter days.

Three friends are getting tired of their parents and decide, with the start of the summer, to change everything. They start building their own home in the middle of the woods and disappear when it is ready. They get to know themselves and each other. It’s a summer they were dying to have.

Kings Of Summer beautifully portrays the coming of age of three teenage boys.
Why live when you can rule?


3. Moonrise Kingdom

A forever favourite that’s certainly worthy to be re-watched several times. Wes Anderson is an artist, he knows how to create worlds that make you dream. Moonrise Kingdom is one of his highlights. Sam and Suzy are masterpieces, their style and characters are golden and the adventures they have together make you long for easier times.


4. Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl might be the most funny and sweet movie in this list. Lars (oh hi Ryan) breaks your heart when he brings his girlfriend home one day. Bianca isn’t just another girl he met on the internet, she is a realgirl doll. And having her in his life doesn’t really make things easier, but the way that the people in his village deal with him and Bianca is heartwarming. A real must-see but please make sure you have some tissues ready.


5. Grand Budapest Hotel

The second Wes Anderson in this list. A maybe even more beautiful art-piece.
Just watch the trailer, I won’t spoil anything else.


6. Good Will Hunting

A golden oldie but wow, what an amazing movie. With its release date being in 1997 it might be an understatement to say that I am quite late with my admiration of this film but I’ve seen it so many times during the last years that I have made up the lost times. It’s a movie that always makes me smile, the way that the characters work together, the love and tenderness but also bold humor they have between them. It’s special.

If you’re, just like me, quite a late bloomer on Good Will Hunting-terrain, just watch it, you’ll be amazed!


7. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is thé movie that makes me want to have the biggest, baddest party ever.
The most extravagant parties, the special characters that F. Scott Fitzgerald so beautifully designed, the vibe from the roaring twenties, everything plays it’s part in creating a magical world of Long Island in 1922.


8. The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now tells Sutters story. He is a high school senior and summer is almost starting. Everything in his life was perfect, he had cool parties, the best friends and was convinced about the love for his high school girlfriend. She thinks differently and decides to split up their relationship. He loses control and doesn’t know how to deal with things anymore. Enjoying the now and not worrying about the future and the past, is what makes him go on.

Just like Kings Of Summer, The Spectacular Now focusses on one summer. It shows how important that period is for teenagers. A periode in which everything is possible. Life can be changed and flipped over three times before school starts again. And that is exactly what happens to Sutter. Thanks to Aimee, a new girl in his life, everything changes and he can just barely catch up.


9. All Is Bright

The only Christmas movie in this list, but not just another one of those cheesy rom-coms that celebrate the first drop of snow. All Is Bright is a surprising Christmas movie, it’s funny and harsh, a little bit black and ruthless but with a lot of love. A combination that doesn’t do the story justice but makes it an interesting and funny movie to watch.


What is your favourite movie that everyone should watch during on a Sunday afternoon?