We’re eating more and more vegetarian dinner the last couple of years. Honestly, this hasn’t started because of one clear belief but more because we can. I don’t need to eat meat, so why would I? For me, it kinda feels the same like drinking soda.. I cán drink soda instead of water the whole day instead, but I choose not to. Same with meat. I cán eat meat for each meal, but I choose not to.

Well, okay you’re not here to learn more about me being a part-time vegetarian, so let’s get to the point! Because we have been eating veggies for a while now, we’ve got so many amazing dishes to choose from, and I’ll share my 7 favourite vegetarian recipes with you!

Shakshuka van Umamigirl

Shakshuka by Umamigirl

01 – Shakshuka

Shakshuka is one of my discoveries of the last year and I totally love it! I used to have my doubts because of the combination of egg with tomato sauce but it just works perfectly!

Shakshuka recipe by Umamigirl

Turkse Linzensoep van Kitchen Stories

Turkish lentip soup by Kitchen Stories

02 – Turkish lentil soup

I never used to be a big fan of soup, until I started to make them myself. One of my go-to soups is this Turkish Lentil Soup from Kitchen Stories.

Turkish Lentil Soup by Kitchen Stories

Klassieke gnocci van The Spruce

Classic gnocci by The Spruce

03 – Classic gnocci with sage

Gnocci can be prepared in countless ways, the most classic way is also the most easy: simple butter sauce with sage and salt&pepper.

Recipe classic gnoccie with sage by The Spruce

Lentil salad with sweet potato & feta

Lentil salad with sweet potato & feta

04 – Lentil salad with grilled pepper, sweet potato & feta

I’m a big fan of lentils, have you noticed? One of my go to’s is my own recipe for lentil salad with grilled bell pepper and sweet potato and fresh feta and arugula.

Lentil salad with sweet potato & feta

One Pot Pasta van Minimalistbaker

One Pot Pasta by Minimalistbaker

05 – One Pot Pasta with eggplant

One Pot Pasta-recipes are always good for last minute dinner. This one with eggplant is one of my go-to pasta’s.

One Pot Pasta recipe by Minimalist Baker

Klassieke Uiensoep van Jamie Oliver

Classic French Onion soup by Jamie Oliver

06 – Classic French Onion soup

Is your weekend filled with time to spare? Spend it in the kitchen and create an amazing classic French onion soup!

Classic French Onion Soup by Jamie Oliver

One Pot Pasta met champignons via Savory Nothings

One Pot Pasta with mushrooms by Savory Nothings

07 – One Pot Pasta with mushrooms

Another one pot pasta is this one with mushrooms! When you bake them just right, they have a bacon-like bite and because of the creaminess of the pasta, it kinda feels like you’re eating pasta carbonara, mmm!

One Pot Pasta with mushrooms by Savory Nothings


Do you often eat your dinner without meat?