My Berlin hotspot-page is one that is in continuous alteration, but even I don’t really get to it to add every single new favourite place, let alone expecting you checking it our every other day to see if there is something new. So, I’ve decided I would share updates, aka my current favourites, in a blogpost every once in a while. This is part one, including Ungeheuer, Facciola and Khwan!

  • Ungeheuer

It didn’t feel right to put any other restaurant on top of this list. Ungeheuer is by far my favourite place right now. Not only for the most amazing dinner you could wish for, but the cakes and coffee are rather fantastic as well.

We first visited this Neukölln-based restaurant last October for my birthday and immediately loved the laid back vibe in combination with the fine cuisine. You have the feeling as if you’re eating next level haute cuisine, with the casual vibe as if you’re in another Neukölln-bar. It feels as if you’re home while treated to the most fine dishes!

Emser Straße 23, 12051 Berlin

  • Facciola

Facciola is one of my favourite wine bars. Located in Kreuzberg, I first met them after a long days work and in need of some good anti-pasti and wine, but I’ve come back several times now. You feel more than welcome when you enter and that feeling never leaves. Combine that with damn good food and great wine recommendations, and you can count me as one of your regulars.

Forster Str. 5, 10999 Berlin

  • Khwan

Ever since our move to Berlin, I’ve been to countless of Thai restaurants. Those restaurants where you can get curry for five euros and the summer rolls are cheaper than cheap. In those places everything kind of tastes the same. Not a big problem, it’s great for a quick lunch or pre-concert meal, but I often longed for authentic Thai cuisine. And then Khwan came along. Thai food as Thai food is meant to be. You won’t find any five euro curry here, but are treated to amazing grilled meat, fermented pork, fresh salad and grilled vegetables. And the best of it all? It’s all made to share!

If you’re as big a fan as I am of Thai food, you def-def-definitely need to go here!

Revaler Str.99, 10245 Berlin

  • Populus Coffee

I think you can keep yourself busy for a while with the restauranttips above, right? So it’s time for something else: coffee. Or better said: coffee with cake! And your cake and coffee-desire is best met at Populus Coffee. This café roasts its own coffee and serves it with amazing treats. But don’t be alarmed, do you like your coffee with something more savory? Not a problem, their lunch dishes are a treat as well!

Located at Maybachufer, Populus Coffee is the perfect place to spend a relaxed sunny afternoon sipping some coffee and watching people go by.

Populus Coffee
Maybachufer 20, 12047 Berlin

  • Kollo

This one might not really suit the list, it’s neither a café or restaurant and I don’t have a picture from the inside, but Kollo is definitely one of my favourite places in Berlin at the moment. It’s a bar in the Bergmannkiez in Kreuzberg and is nothing fancy but just because it isn’t, I feel really at ease. Their Mexikaners are the best I’ve had so far (and we’ve tried them out in many bars) and the fact that you can order some flammkuchen or tortillas (with cheese!) while drinking beer is just a big, big plus.

Chamissopl. 4, 10965 Berlin

Coming up …

I’ve got some amazing more favourites up my sleeve, something Chinese, something French and something with brunch. Sounds about right, right? In case you have some requests, or want to know what (for example) my favourite cinema or breakfast bar is, just write them down below and I’ll try to answer all your requests in the upcoming posts!